Welcome to the . . .

It’s January . . . and here at the Museum of Me I’m pleased to open this month’s new-and-exciting INTERACTIVE exhibit!

This month’s exhibit features an open ended question:

Five years from now I will be doing . . .

So, imagine with me.
It’s January 2028 . . . and we have just welcomed in the new year.

What will we be doing?

Five years . . . 260 weeks . . . 1,825 days . . . 2,333,000 minutes.
What will you do with it? What could you do with it?

Last year, I wrote a lot about shifting my perspective and my energy. One question that always hovered on the edge of my thoughts was this: What do I want to do with what’s left of my life? In five years, I’d be incredibly happy to have my life look . . . much the same as it does right now. (With maybe less world trauma and political drama, of course.) And I plan to work hard to keep myself healthy and active and curious . . . so I can make the most of my days . . . still able to do pretty much what I do now. Maybe with a bit more travel and adventure? But mostly . . . I want to be here. Loving Tom. Making stuff. Digging in my garden. Recognizing the good things in life. Still.

How about YOU?
What will you be doing in five years?


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