Most of May, and then into the early part of June . . . are the busiest weeks in my garden all year.



There’s just so much to do! All that cleaning up. A lot of weeding. (A lot.) Mulching. More weeding. Assessing. Lots of assessing.



There’s transplanting old plants. Filling in with new plants. Designing and placing containers. Setting up the patio. Setting up other seating areas. Putting out my little “garden tchotchkes” and various pieces of “whimsy.”



But then, all of a sudden, everything settles down for a second. The plants start filling in. The blooms start kicking in. I find time to sit and rest and revel in the space I’ve created. At least for a few minutes!

June . . . is generally the “best” month in my garden. Sure. There are lovely surprises to come all season long. (I try to plan things that way. . .) But in June? Everything looks fresh and inviting and lush! Full of promise and hope.

I call this period of time my garden’s . . . Salad Days!



And I am HERE for them!