For many, many years (over a decade, actually), I’ve had certified a Monarch Waystation in my garden. I grow swamp milkweed and butterfly weed (another form of milkweed), and over the years, I’ve enjoyed frequent Monarch visitors. I always love to watch them lay their eggs on my milkweed plants, and I will never tire of finding Monarch caterpillars chomping away on my milkweed. (Although I’ve yet to find a chrysalis. . . )

This year, though . . . not so much. As I read reports of the Monarch’s demise – and their being placed on the endangered species list – I’ve been heartbroken. But not surprised. I’ve only seen a few Monarchs in my garden this year.

So I was thrilled . . . THRILLED . . . to find these most lovely Monarch caterpillars chomping on my milkweed last Thursday. THREE of them!

One . . .

Two . . .

Three . . .

They were all good sized; probably nearing chrysalis time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and keeping my eyes peeled.

Maybe I’ll find that chrysalis yet!

(Gardens are never boring.)


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