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Welcome to Read With Us Discussion Day!

Bonny and Carole and I are posting our discussion question today about our latest RWU book . . . Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason. Join the discussion (which you’re welcome do even if you didn’t read the book) by commenting on our blogs.  I’ll be answering your posts within the comment section for this discussion — and you can comment on other people’s comments, as well. Y’know . . . like in a real book group.

Let’s begin!

book cover sorrow and bliss by meg mason

First . . . I’d really like to know what you thought of the book. Did you like it? What did you like best (or least!) about the book?

Second . . . As I read Sorrow and Bliss, I really enjoyed the relationships author Meg Mason created between (often-unlikeable) Martha and the people who loved her: Patrick, Ingrid, her father, and Peregrine, for example. The relationships seemed very genuine and relatable to me, and I think this may have been because Mason chose to frame the relationships through ordinary conversations while the characters were performing everyday actions (driving somewhere, for example, or eating dinner together; sharing a bottle of wine, taking a walk). What do you think? Did these relationships seem genuine to you? Why or why not?

Third . . . Would you describe Sorrow and Bliss as having a “happy ending?” Whether you did or didn’t, were you satisfied with the way it ended?

I can’t wait to hear what you think!


Don’t forget: We’ll be discussing the book on Zoom tonight – 7:00 pm Eastern Time. There’s still time for you to join us! Just let me know of your interest either with a comment or by sending me an email (see sidebar, above) — and I’ll send a Zoom invitation.

PS – If you are planning to join us on the Zoom, but haven’t received an invitation from me (I sent them yesterday), please let me know so I can get the Zoom link to you today.