I’ve been sharing Tales From the Garden with you all season long, mostly on Thursdays. So far, the “tales” have been of the micro variety . . . a surprise amaryllis or my gnome overalls, for example. Today, I thought I’d go for a macro post instead . . . and show you the whole of my garden (or, at least, a lot of it).

It’s actually . . . kind of hard to take photos of my garden, as a whole. I mean, it’s a lot. It covers a whole lotta ground in my very oddly-shaped and hilly backyard. It’s nearly always partly-sunny and partly-shady, which doesn’t usually make for great photos.

But one day late last month (just before the painters arrived, actually), I was wandering around the yard with JoJo, and it was an overcast day, and I took a bunch of photos . . . trying to capture a “sense” of my garden, as a whole.

The garden wasn’t exactly at its peak (that’s June. . . ), but it wasn’t fading yet (like it is now). And there are weeds. Because there are always weeds. With such a huge garden, and with only one weeder (that would be me), it’s always a whack-a-mole situation out there. C’est la vie.

This isn’t . . . all of it. But maybe it will give you a sense of things . . . here in my garden. Where there’s always work to be done. And always things to overlook. Luckily, this patio . . . is awfully comfy – and always in the shade, come afternoon and evening!

These days, my garden is making the shift to its fall self. Still lovely . . . just in a different way. Not so lush. More subdued. I’ll share more garden tales as the fall days unfold.

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