I caught this beauty of a butterfly flitting around my verbena Monday afternoon. (It’s an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail . . . with, unfortunately, some pretty serious damage to its wings. But that didn’t stop it from gracefully taking in the nectar in my garden.)

Today I’m not really here to talk about butterflies, though. Instead, I’m just stopping in to tell you about a gardening opportunity you might be interested in. One of my very favorite garden experts, Margaret Roach, is hosting a FREE webinar with her frequent sidekick, Ken Druse, on Thursday, August 10 at 6:00 pm (EDT). Their topic? Meet Your Next Favorite Plant. Margaret and Ken will be showcasing some of their favorite standout plants for the garden, highlighting those that combine both form and function — sometimes in surprising ways. You can read more about their webinar – and register – if you click on the link, above.

Any time I have an opportunity to sit in on one of Margaret and Ken’s webinars, I jump at the chance! They are completely accessible garden experts — informative without being “stuffy,” always well-prepared, engaging, and inspiring. Their presentations feature relevant information, great photos and slides, and lots of good stories. I always, always come away with ideas for my own garden.

Anyway. I thought I’d pass this info along.
Maybe you’re looking for inspiration for your own garden!

And now . . . more butterflies!