Last Friday, I went to “summer camp” . . . for the first time since I was a surly 14-year-old!

Okay. So it wan’t like . . . sleep-away camp or anything. It only lasted 3 hours and we didn’t make s’mores. But the arts-&-craft activities were really awesome!


I signed up for the MDK Summer Camp this year . . . where we sat around on Zoom and knit mini Sinkmates dishcloths with designer and instructor Lorilee Beltman. And . . . why, you ask . . . did I sign up for summer camp in the first place? Well. Here’s why:

  • First, Lorilee Beltman is an awesome instructor. She used to own a yarn store in Grand Rapids near where I lived and worked. I visited her shop often. (There is likely still yarn from her shop in my stash.). It was nice to spend time with her again, now that she’s living in Seattle.
  • Second, I love the Sinkmates pattern! I knit a few from Lorilee’s original Sinkmates pattern years ago (back when the pattern was just one-color with a contrast i-cord border). Now, Lorilee has updated her design to include so many options your head will spin! I was eager to get my mitts on her update!
  • Third, I wanted to try the Rowan Cotton yarn for some dish cloths anyway. And the color pack MDK put together for camp was bright and summer-y and fun.
  • Fourth . . . ummmm. . . there was a badge.


It was a great experience all around. Lorilee is a phenomenal teacher — and although I really didn’t need a class to learn the specific techniques (the dishcloth pattern is expertly written, and will be easy-to-manage for most knitters), I did get some great tips and tricks — and I learned why gauge/needle size matters for this particular pattern. (Those little minis are a great way to swatch! But if you’d rather not, just trust the pattern and use a bigger needle for the beginning i-cord than you do for the body of the dishcloth.)

As you can see from my photos, I’ve moved on to knitting the full-size version of the dishcloth now. I love the pattern! The directions are clear. The finished product is neat and tidy (with that i-cord edging up the sides!). There are so many design options that you can riff forever. And that Rowan Cotton? It. Is. A. Dream. (I will never be able to knit a dishcloth with Peaches-and-Cream again, I’m afraid.)

(I’m sure many of you will be wondering . . . what am I going to do with those minis??? Well. They make great screen cleaners . . . )

I am One Happy Camper!

(And I got a badge!)


If you’re interested in making some Sinkmate Dishcloths and are thinking about buying the pattern, have I got a Camper Deal for you! Lorilee gave all the campers a discount code for her pattern . . . to share with our friends when we “got back home.” So. You can get $3.00 off the pattern on Ravelry with the code FRIEND. But, hurry! The code is only good through July 31!!! (Here’s the link to the pattern on Ravelry.) EDITED TO ADD: I heard through the grapevine that there’s an issue with the code on Ravelry right now, but they’re trying to fix it. Sorry for the hassle . . . I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon. AND EDITED AGAIN: It’s FIXED! The code works now! (Hurry . . . use it before July 31!)


How about you? What are you making this week?


PS . . . I finished my Sinkmate this morning while I drank my coffee. Super quick knit. (Stripes just knit up faster, don’t they?) And I love the yarn. (Love.) Can you say . . . new potato chip knitting?