New week. New month.
It’s the first Monday in May, and that means it’s time for me to . . .

Although it still feels very far away right now, summer . . . is on the way. (Yes. There is snow in my forecast.) (And, yes. It’s May. And I am so over this.) Usually, summer arrives all at once here, where I live. And that sudden arrival is always a bit of a surprise (even though it really shouldn’t be). Like . . . one day it’s still most definitely spring . . . and then the next day it’s suddenly summer, and there’s no looking back.

To me, summer is a whimsical time. Probably because here where I live . . . it’s so fleeting, so short-lived, and so dang wonderful. Summer is . . . popsicles and wind chimes and big sunglasses. Lemonade and flip flops and pinwheels. Sprinklers. Bikes. The beach. Sitting on the porch and watching a thunderstorm roll in. Sweating in front of a fan. That kind of thing. Whimiscal and light and charming and fun.

So, in these days leading up to summer’s all-of-a-sudden arrival, I invite you to join me in thinking about . . . how to add some extra whimsy to your summer. Plan for it now — and then figure out how to make it happen.

Maybe you’d like to hang a fun windsock from your deck railing. Or add a charming little something to your garden bed. Maybe you want to start a kitchen herb garden just outside your back door. Or maybe you’d like to find some popsicle molds and try some cool summer recipes. Or maybe you want to invest in a really nice croquet set. Or a perfect chair to read in on your patio. Or put up a hammock. Maybe it’s a new string of patio lights.

Something fun.
Something summer-y.
Something whimsical!
For yourself.

As for me, during the winter months, I ordered a charming little bird fountain for my patio.

I haven’t set it up yet. (Shoot, I haven’t even gotten my patio furniture out and set up yet!) But I’m ready! It won’t be long, and this little bird fountain will be bubbling and gurgling right there on my patio — adding whimsy and a little bit of joy to my summer.

I can’t wait!


How about you? What bit of whimsy and fun would you like to add to your summer space?


May is here.
It’s a great time to plan for some whimsy in your summer spaces!

Start Your Engines!