Always here.
Looking for . . .

But, oh my. It is often . . . so dang elusive!

Especially here in Michigan.
In the spring.
When you wake up to this . . .

Yeah. That was earlier this week. Sigh.

It’s the end of April. And there is this bubble of coldness . . . just hanging over Michigan. And it appears to be sticking around for awhile longer. There is snow in the forecast (hard freezes, too) even for next week. Which is, of course . . . May.

My little greenhouse is doing its thing. But this is way more than either of us bargained for a couple of weeks ago.

But, of course, this push and pull of spring is actually . . . normal . . . around here. Spring teases. Winter responds. This is How It Is. I get frustrated with it, though, and a bit pissy. I’m ready for winter to pack up and move out. For good.

I found some hope, though – a role model for dealing with the push and pull – right in my own garden.

This little guy – and his buddy (partner?) – made it through the winter in my pond. No matter the weather, I find them sunning on the rocks whenever the sun is shining. Sometimes it’s quite cold even when the sun is shining, but there they are! Soaking in any available sunshine and warmth from the rocks.

I’m trying to be more like my frogs. . . taking advantage of the almost-spring whenever it shows up. And then taking cover when winter roars back. The frogs know that sometimes spring is like this. And, really, I know it, too. But sometimes it’s good to be reminded, y’know?

Look to the frogs.
Hope is there.

“Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom.”  
–Margaret Elizabeth Sangster