Once Upon A Time . . . 

We’ll just begin there.

Once upon a time . . . many years ago . . . I bought some lovely yarn. Lovely color. Beautiful feel. Enough for a sweater. And then . . . it just sat there, in my stash. I’d get it out and consider it once in a while. But I couldn’t decide what I wanted it to be.

Recently, I decided it wanted to be a cardigan. This one. I grabbed two of the skeins, wound them up, did a swatch. The yarn was even lovelier knit up and “blocked” in my little swatch. I enthusiastically cast on for the cardigan — and started alternating rows with two skeins right away.

Such a lovely beginning.

But . . . something was bugging me.

I often worry about Running Out of Yarn when I’m knitting a project. (Because I often substitute yarn, and . . . y’know . . . that can be a problem sometimes.) (Also. I have run out of yarn before. It is Not Relaxing.) So I double-checked the amount I’d need. Where WAS that sixth skein? I asked myself as I rummaged in my stash. I “knew” I had six skeins!!!

But it turned out I only had 5 skeins.
Enough for A sweater.
But not enough for THIS sweater.

So I contacted Chris at Briar Rose (who is so wonderful and so helpful). She sent me two sort-of-similar skeins right away. But Briar Rose yarn . . . is unique. And these skeins were quite a bit darker than my original skeins. I decided to . . . do a “fade” for my cardigan. Problem solved! I noodled around about how to make this work, and I had a Plan.

But . . . something was still bugging me.

My knitting . . . didn’t quite look like my swatch. A little tighter. A little closer. I did some double-checking again. And, wouldn’t you know it? I had enthusiastically cast on for the cardigan with a size 4 needle. Unfortunately, the pattern calls for a size 6. And my swatch? Size 6.

This yarn?
It did not want to be this cardigan!

It will be some other sweater.
And I’m sure we’ll live happily ever after.

But not today!


How about you? What are you making these days?


Also just wanted to let you know . . . my blogging may be hit-or-miss for a week or so. I’ve got some other things I need to focus on. I’ll be around. I’m just not sure how often. (I didn’t want any of you to be concerned about my unexplained absence.) I’ll be back.