It’s been almost a year ago now since I introduced my monthly fitness challenge. I explained my “inspiration” and why I think it’s so important to do strength work ESPECIALLY as we age. (You can read all about that here.)


How are you doing? By now, I hope you’re having some success with my challenges. Keep up the good work. Every day! (And if you haven’t started yet? Well. You can begin today!)

woman holding barbell get strong monthly fitness challenge

I start every month’s fitness challenge with (pretty much) those same words. That part where I say “And if you haven’t started yet? Well. You can begin today!”

I mean that.

I also mean that . . . If you meant to start. Or if you DID start but took a break. Of if things just fell off your radar completely? Well. You can still begin again today.

Because here’s this month’s fitness challenge:

Challenge #11 — Begin again.

That’s it.
No matter what you’re doing. Or what you meant to be doing. Or what you started but slacked off on along the way. It matters not a bit. Because this month’s theme is . . .

I’ve been laying out these monthly fitness challenges for almost a year. I’m sure many of you look at them every month and say . . . yada yada yada. I’m sure some of you feel bad ABOUT saying . . . yada yada yada. And then maybe some of you actually try them, at least for a while. And I bet a lot of you just never get around to it.

And I get that.

It’s hot.
You’re busy.
Schedules loosen up (so much) in the summer.
Kegels are boring.
You’re frustrated with the very notion of “working out” . . . even in 2 minute increments.

I’m here to say . . .

Begin. Again.

I know that beginning to work on your fitness seems like it needs to line up with some auspicious date. January 1. Any Monday. The first of the (next) month. But that’s a bunch of hooey. The best day to begin? It’s today. Even if today is some random Friday in the middle of August.

Begin. Again.

What you’ve done up until now? It really doesn’t matter.
What you do going forward? It totally matters!

So. Pick through the previous 10 Monthly Fitness Challenges, and just . . .

Begin. Again.

Or get out for a walk around your neighborhood.
Or do a little yoga.
Start somewhere. Anywhere.
And go for it!

Try it.
See what happens.


(For now, these links will whisk you back to Stepping Away From the Edge. I’m working at transferring them over to my new space, but it hasn’t happened yet. Bear with me.)

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