Remember this old thing?

I haven’t blogged about it since . . . April. And I actually finished it in . . . April. But by the time I had the lining finished and stitched into the cowl (which was a big ol’ pain in the ass, just sayin), I was not in the mood to model it or take photos or stick it on Ravelry or blog about it anymore. I figured . . . it could wait.

And so it did.

I also knew I would never wear it. Although it is incredibly charming and hits all my “whimsy buttons,” it is also too long and scrunchy for someone like me . . . who hates turtleneck-y things. I was hoping my sister might like it. And . . . she did! She was even game to pose for me . . . on an 80+ degree summer day!



She’s knit-worthy, that’s for sure!

(She’s also hoping it will be a long, long time yet before she needs to wear it for real.)


You can find more details about this project – and see a few more progress photos – in my Field Notes.


How about you? What are you working on this week?