November, of course, is just flying by. I feel like I’m pretty well settled into the season, though. I’m getting used to grabbing a coat before I leave the house. I’m (pretty much) adjusting to the darkness. I’ve pulled out the flannel sheets and I’m making soup again. Going to bed earlier. That kind of thing.

I’m busy planning for Thanksgiving dinner. And thinking ahead to Christmas, even. Tom got the cabin all closed for winter. I finally got my closet sorted, and I’m starting to voluntarily put on socks once in a while. My garden is in good shape for the off-season, although I do still have bulbs to plant (once I remember where I put ’em). It’s all good.

But we do have . . . a bit of unwelcome excitement going on. I put this new flag out . . . and I guess the squirrels took it to heart. Because they appear to be, well . . . making themselves at home. As in . . . INSIDE. We can hear them (?) (might just be one?) scurrying about in the ceiling just above our entryway. And, yes. I am very creeped out.

Tom is On It, though. (It’s part of our household division of labor. I’m dealing with signing us up for Medicare. He gets all things . . . critter.)

Here at mid-month  . . . things feel kinda settled. (Except for the squirrel thing, of course.)
And I’m good with that. (Except for the squirrel thing, of course.)


How about YOU? What are you doing . . . at mid-month?