Checking in . . . from the middle of the month!

July is half-done.
Which means . . . summer is half-done.

I’m very much HERE . . .

and THERE.

COMING . . .

and GOING.

BACK . . .

and FORTH.

All the time.
Every week.

By this . . . mid-point . . . my time is split between “home” and “up north.” It takes a little while to get into that rhythm, but once I’ve got it, I’ve got, y’know? What it means is that I’m always kind of caught between places and spaces (and also that my household chores are totally left by the wayside), but summer is fleeting and I want to take it all in.

At mid-month, I may be … here and there, coming and going, back and forth.
But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I’m soaking up every moment!

Life is good.