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This month’s Museum of Me exhibit is all about . . . our personal “soundtracks.” You know . . . those songs that play in the background of everything we do in our lives. Now, I share a lot of playlists here. And I name my knitting projects after songs. So you’ve likely gathered that . . . music – especially the music that plays in the background of my head – is important to me.

And it’s been that way from the beginning.

I was exposed to a lot of music early in my life. My parents liked listening to records on their living room stereo (which was an actual piece of furniture), and in the car (my dad “custom installed” an 8-track under the dash of the family car), and on the radio (on top of our refrigerator). It was . . . the music of their time . . . Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Barbara Streisand, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, even Johnny Cash (my dad was a big fan). They weren’t at all into rock-n-roll, though. No Elvis for them. No Motown. Certainly no Beatles (which my dad referred to as “ya-ya”).

Luckily . . . my sister and I were introduced to the “hot 100” by our babysitter, a neighborhood teenager named Donna. Any time she came over to watch us, she turned on the radio and played the latest hits! We loved it! Donna . . . changed our lives forever by tuning us in to all the popular music of the day. I saved my money and got an inexpensive transistor radio so I could listen myself. (It never worked all that well. . . ) And my dad gave me his old record player. It only played 45s, which you could stack up 8 at a time! (Kind of like a playlist . . . only not really.) I started asking for records for my birthday and for Christmas, and saving my pennies to buy them for myself.

I didn’t have a huge collection by any means, but by the time I was in 6th grade, it was fairly impressive for a kid my age. I had a little record case, and I kept all my records organized in there. (That photo above is a stock photo; it is not a photo of my personal record collection – which is long gone by now.) (Although I did have a couple of those titles in my collection.)

Let’s go back to the summer of 1970 . . . when I was 11 . . . and heading into 6th grade.

I was gangly and gawky and goofy and very much not cool at all. But I did love my music! So that summer, I probably entertained my neighborhood bestie (Wendy) in my room with my records playing on my record player while we thumbed through our collection of our movie-star magazines (Tiger Beat, anyone?), dreaming of “cute boys” and the fame and fortune we’d enjoy someday.

We’d have passed the time away playing our favorites . . .


How about you? What music would be on YOUR childhood soundtrack?


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