Back in March (waaaaay back in March) I showed you this cute tote bag I’m embroidering.

If you remember that project at all (and, really, I don’t expect that you will), you might wonder what happened to it. Progress? Finish?


No finish, for sure.

Some progress, though. But not much, because it turns out that . . . well . . .  it’s really not all that much fun to embroider on an already-made bag. (There is quite a bit of finagling going on back there between the bottom and the sides and straps.) I also lost the instructions. Which isn’t much of a problem for me, really. Because I tend to go my own way anyway with embroidery projects.

[EDITED TO ADD: A lot of you are suggesting in the comments that maybe I could deconstruct the bag to make the stitching easier. And . . . sure. I could. But what I didn’t tell you is that this bag is beautifully constructed, with ribbon-encased seams on the interior. Deconstructing – and reconstructing again at the finish – are not attractive options to me. So I’m really just whining, y’know?]

And while I generally really like the direction I’m headed with this bag . . .

Sometimes I do . . . “knot.”

(I love French knots. But, man. When they go bad? They REALLY go bad!)

So I’m about . . . at the half-way mark (maybe more?) with this project. And motivated to finish it so I can use it.


(And, truth be told . . . to move on to something else.)


How about YOU? What are you working on this week?