A few months ago, I showed you my little summer embroidery project-in-progress from Dropcloth Samplers.

I finished it!

Once completed, there are lots of options for Things You Could Do with this little sampler. You could create a set of tiny pincushions, for example. Or use the squares in some sort of quilted pillow. You could make patches. Or you could just stick it in a drawer for “someday.” (I do that a lot . . . ) You could also make a needle book, which is what I chose to do with mine. Rebecca shared a how-to video on Instagram. I mostly followed that, but I also kinda did my own thing. It’s a pretty basic hand-stitch project.

Here’s the finished front and back of my needle case . . .


And here’s the inside!

Charming, too!

You can see more photos (including the back side of my stitching, which I always find fascinating) over in my Field Notes for this project.


How about you? What are you working on this week?