Proof . . . that if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other (or if you keep knitting one damn stitch after another), you WILL get there eventually.

The next time you hear about my Cardigan of Tedium . . . it will be finished. (And that’s a promise.) I don’t know when that will be. But it will be soon. I finished the second sleeve on Sunday night, and on Monday I blocked the nearly-finished sweater.

JoJo . . . was rather put out. Because I was blocking the sweater on the guest bed. And JoJo? She likes to think she’s a guest! (She likes to nap there.)

Anyway. The sweater is lovely. It fits. All that remains . . . are the sleeve cuffs and the button band. It will feel like a snap, I’m sure! (Plus I won’t have to wrangle two skeins of yarn all the time. And that’s a bonus right there.) (But I do have to find the right needles before I can begin. . . because it’s Always Something. )

And don’t worry about JoJo. She’s won back her napping spot!
(As if that’s her only one. . . ) (That dog? Her life is one cushy thing after another. Trust me.)

How about YOU? What are you making this week?