Just a little reminder: If you’re hoping for a little spring magic in the midst of winter, tie up or stake the stems before the hyacinths bloom.

I had the best of intentions when I picked up this little trio of hyacinth bulbs at Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago. But I missed my opportunity to keep them upright! (If I’d been thinking ahead, I’d have tied the stems together and allowed them to support one another.)

By the time I caught on, though. Well. Too late! I’ve got a whole different “look” than I was hoping for. Still. The blooms are lovely, and the smell divine. (Which is exactly what I was going for, actually.)

And that, my friends, is gardening in a nutshell. You plant things and hope for the best. And then nature does what nature’s gonna do! Bloom where you’re planted . . . and all that.

Even if it’s splayed across the dining room table!