Let’s just say . . . I could feel the love and encouragement from your “cheerleading” as I knit this week (after my cry for help last week). Thanks to you all, I made some progress with my (slog-of-a) cardigan.

(And, yeah. All you get this week is a bad photo on my yoga mat. Because while I will walk the dog in 0-degree weather, I will not pose my knitting progress on the back patio in 0-degree weather.)

Look! A sleeve!

But . . . only one.

Despite that look on my face . . . I have definitely turned a corner here.
How do I know?

  • After finishing (well, except for the cuff*) sleeve number 1, I immediately picked up the stitches for sleeve number 2 . . . which is an attitude-adjustment in and of itself.
  • Further, when I picked up the stitches for sleeve number 2, I picked up EXACTLY the number I was supposed to pick up right out of the gate. (And that never happens for me.) I’m taking that as a sign of Smooth Sailing and maybe even Good Things To Come.
  • Then, two things have been weighing heavily on my mind the entire time I’ve been knitting this monster: (1) Will it fit? and (2) Will I have enough of the contrast yarn to pull this off? I have reached the point in the project where I can answer a hearty YES to both of those questions. And that, my friends, is a huge load off my mind.
  • Next, I have begun contemplating buttons for the first time. And that is a true sign of hopefulness for an actual finish in the future. A future that will require buttons.
  • Finally, I have also begun serious plotting for my next project. As opposed to just whining about my current one.

Progress. I’m making progress.
As in . . . it FEELS like I’m making progress.
And that makes all the difference in the world.


As for the *cuff? I’ll wait until I have both sleeves and the button band finished before knitting the cuffs. Although I’m pretty confident I’ve got the length right, I want to make certain I have the length right before committing to the cuffs.


How about you? How goes your “making” this week?