Although the days are getting longer and the snow is mostly melted (until it snows again tonight) (sigh), it’s gonna be awhile yet before I can get busy with my “real” garden chores outside.

In the meantime, I keep myself amused with my indoor garden . . .



I added several plants to my “collection” over the winter, and for the most part, they are doing well and seem happy in their new environment. I continue waging battle with spider mites (only one casualty this year, so I count that as a win). There are a few plants that need . . . something. (It’s always . . . something. . .  in the garden). I need to do some re-potting, but that chore will have to wait until the weather warms up and I can do it outside. I absolutely killed that lovely cyclamen I bought in February. (I am so . . . not good with cyclamen.) (I really need to remember that — but they’re always so tempting in February.)

It’s always a little of this, a little of that when it comes to gardening. Despite the “losses,” I find much joy in tending to my little indoor menagerie.



And, of course, I have my trusty gardening companion . . . indoors or out. (JoJo is even more enthusiastic about posing with my plants than she is with my knitting.)

How about you? How does your (indoor) garden grow?