Usually in early March, my “gardening” amounts to watching the snow melt, looking for robins, and general dreaming-and-scheming. In a more typical year, there may be day warm enough to get out and start poking around in my garden, but it certainly wouldn’t be reliably warm enough to get out there to DO anything.

But this is not a typical year. Everything is upside down!

This year, not only CAN I get out in the garden, but I NEED to get out in the garden already. The weather has been consistently warm enough here to trigger . . . spring. Or, at least, what seems to be a true early spring. Usually here in my corner of the world, we get “teaser days” of spring here and there. But then we tend to roll back to winter-y weather for weeks at a stretch. So usually I really can’t trust those taste-of-spring “teasers,” and I avoid getting out in the garden because it’s just too early. Usually, we go from not-quite-spring to full-on-spring over the course of a week — and that week is usually in late April.

This year, it appears that our spring may last for awhile.
Which calls for a different approach – a more leisurely approach – to my spring gardening!


Over the weekend I grabbed my trusty garden journal, checked over my early spring chore list, and dug in! There are plenty of things I can do now — even if we do get another dose of winter (although I’m just not seeing it in the longer-range forecasts at this point).

Some of the things I can do right now . . . are things I usually have a hard time getting to until much later in the season, if at all.

The garage was warm enough and comfortable enough for me to get my garden tools in order and inventory my supply of gloves and pots and . . . other stuff.

I was inspired in time to do something about – as opposed to just dreaming about – starting some seeds (flowers and herbs). I always think about starting seeds, but just rarely do anything about it . . . mostly because spring seems so far away, and surely I can just “do it later.” Which, of course, I can’t. And don’t. This year, though? I have A Plan! I’ve decided what I want to grow, I’ve ordered my seeds, I know when I need to start them, and I’ve procured the necessary equipment. (I may even have a little spreadsheet. Although this is total overkill, given the number of seeds I’m planning to start.)

My biggest accomplishment over the weekend, though, was cutting back my hellebores! I always get this done – eventually. (It’s a task often delayed by snow.) But this year, I cut back the foliage of all my hellebores (and I have a lot of hellebores) already! (And I used my new, super handy hand saw to do it! Perfect tool for the job!) My hellebores went from tangled-mess-of-foliage to proud-blooms-ready-for-new-foliage in quick order! (I even found volunteer baby hellebores under the leaves! Now I have more to transplant!)


It felt great to be back out in the garden . . . although it’s still pretty unsettling to be out there this early. (I’m trying my best to roll with it and adapt.) I’m hoping to avoid the usual panicky rushed feeling . . . of everything happening in the garden – and needing to be dealt with in the garden – all at once. Because it looks to be a more steady unfolding of things this year.

How about YOU? Are you busy in your garden yet?