New week. New month.

Here we are . . . the first Monday (well, technically a . . . Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday) in September. That means it’s time for me to . . .

Ahhh. Here we are at last. . . September! That month so many people look forward to every year . . . because FALL! (But, of course, September isn’t very fall-ish quite yet is it? I mean, as I type this post, it is 90+ degrees outside. And expected to stay that way for a few more days.) But, yeah. I get it! Because whether it feels like fall or not, it IS fall. And who isn’t ready for that? Besides . . . September has always felt like the “real” beginning of the year to me anyway, which makes this new month feel a little more . . . exciting than most. (It’s that academic calendar upbringing, I’m sure. To me, the “real year” starts in September and it runs through May, with a lovely summer interlude during June, July and August. And I doubt that feeling will ever go away.)

And it seems like this September-as-the-new-January concept is gathering some Real Steam these days. It’s got legs. Traction. It’s becoming quite A Thing, isn’t it? Over the last few days, all I’ve been hearing about is . . . “fresh starts” and “beginning again” and “starting over” and “re-setting your goals.” Because apparently that’s what we DO in September now. And you know what? It’s feeling a little . . . oppressive to me. (Having the “new year” Thing in January is already a lot. To have that kind of . . . I don’t know . . . pressure twice a year? Too much, methinks.)

Anyway. I know that, personally, I am looking forward to having a little more structure back in my daily life . . . now that it’s September. And I will definitely incorporate a few “begin agains” back into my life (hello, there menu planning! I’ve missed you. . . ) But, really, I’m not looking so much at “re-setting my goals” (because, oops! I never set any back in January . . . ). Besides, I’m still trying to wrap up my summer and “preserve” enough pleasant summer memories to get me through The Miserable Months to come.

So it occurs to me that September might be best . . . if we just let it be whatever we need it to be!

Like . . . maybe you want to consider September a “fresh start” so you can use it to motivate yourself to make a few changes. Perhaps you let some of your good habits fall by the wayside during the summer and you really NEED that “begin again” mindset to get yourself back on track. Maybe you’re embracing the magic of a fresh season, a fresh month, a fresh calendar page.

And, friends, if that is you, September . . . is here for you!

But . . . maybe you don’t really have that “new season energy” right now. Maybe you’re fine just rolling forward from summer to fall in an easy kind of way, happy to take this new month, this new season day-by-day, content with just letting things unfold before you.

Well, friends. September . . . is here for you, too!

In fact, wherever you are on that September-is-the-new-January spectrum, you’ve come to the right place!

So this month? Assess what YOU need September to be. For you. And let it be that. “Begin again.” Or . . . don’t. It’s all just fine! (And you do know . . . that you can “begin again” any time you want to, right?)

It’s September.
Let the month be whatever you need it to be!

Start Your Engines!