So. Close.
But, alas. . . no banana. (Yet.)

Still knitting away. But I’ve reached the point where . . .

  • the rows are getting quite long,
  • my attention is wandering,
  • and I’m thinking about what I might make next!*

And even though this situation looks like it might be concerning . . .

It is not.
Let me assure you . . . I have plenty of yarn to complete this project.
(With yarn to spare.)

Since this isn’t exactly an exciting project-update, maybe these outtakes of JoJo will help. (After all, she is perhaps the most photogenic knitting dog around!)



I may be finding my project a little tedious. But, trust me. JoJo is endlessly entertained!


How about you?
What are you making this week?


*Want to know what I’m considering for my next project????

Well. This scarf (shawl?) really has a hold of my imagination right now. I don’t really need another scarf. At all. But . . . I have yarn that would work. It looks like fun to make. And it’s interesting. I can’t stop thinking about it . . . so it’s only a matter of time.

And there’s this blanket. I’ve admired Chris’ version ever since she posted it on Instagram last spring. And then when I saw it in person at the Michigan Fiber Festival a couple of weeks ago? Well. Let’s just say Chris helped me pick out my yarn on the spot! And I want to make it . . . in a show of solidarity. (Please send Chris all your love and good juju as she continues her cancer treatment.)

But, then, well . . . I would really love a plain old, comfy, just-throw-it-on sweater. Very casual. Black or dark gray. Pockets. Like . . . this one. (But without such a big turtle-y neck.) (Because I hates the turtlenecks.) I really like Kay’s version. I think I’ll just copy her. (And, once again, I have the yarn already).

So. Looks like I have my next projects all lined up? Although. . . maybe not. Because I am a Very Fickle Knitter! (Stay tuned.)