And . . . whoosh!
Just like that, October is here.

Which means it’s time for me to  . . .

“Rituals are like electrically powered transmitters sending stimulating sparks of electric current or inspirational feelings that connect us to our inner being or soul.”
Wes Adamson

I’ve been thinking lately about . . . ritual.

Ritual . . . as in something we do intentionally every now and then to mark the new season or some other special shift in our lives. (As opposed to Habitual . . . as in something we do all the time without giving it much thought at all.)

Now that it’s fall — a new month, a new season — maybe you mark it with some sort of ritual?
I know I do! I call my ritual  . . . “mums and pumpkins,”  and it’s the day I set off each year to my favorite local nursery to pick up mums and pumpkins (bet you saw that one coming!) to decorate my house and garden for fall.

Last Friday.
In the parking lot, ready to go in for some mums and pumpkins.

I’ve been doing this every year – usually as September turns into October – for so many years I can’t even remember when I started. (My kids used to come with me. And they were excited about it. So you know it’s been a long, long time now. . . )

Going for mums and pumpkins is always like . . . The True Beginning of Fall for me.

Walking into that nursery, packed FULL of beautiful mums?

It’s like my very own Fall Party!
Mums and pumpkins. Cider and donuts.
Seasonal inspiration abounds.

(I pick up my bulbs, too.)

As I mentioned, in years gone by . . . going for mums and pumpkins was often An Occasion; something really special! A ritual.
I used to take my kids with me.
Sometimes I took my mom along.
Sometimes it was an outing for my best gardening buddy and me.

Now, I go alone.
But I don’t mind.

One of the best parts of having a personal ritual . . . is that it doesn’t need to end when your kids grown up. Or when your mom passes away. Or when your best gardening buddy gets Alzheimers. Because all of those memories . . . are wrapped up in the ritual, too!

Rituals . . . are breeding grounds for happy memories of days gone by. A way to connect with who you used to be, and who you used to be WITH, and who you are NOW.

Rituals . . . are good for the soul!
They connect us to who we ARE . . . at our very core.

I’ll bet you have some fall rituals of your own.
(Or maybe you used to?)
This year . . . Embrace them!
Make room for your fall rituals.
(Even if it means going solo.)


October is here.
Don’t wait, my friends!

Start Your Engines!