It’s been a while since I’ve shared what’s hanging out on my needles.
Want a quick run-down?
Because I’ve got a big, ol’ . . .  pile o’knitting . . . I’m working through!

What’s that on top, you ask???

Why . . . it’s a sneaky little test knit I’m doing for Elizabeth Smith! It’s quick (chunky weight yarn and big needles). It’s an oversized, sleeveless layer (I can never resist that type of design). And it’s got a really nifty v-neck (can’t say no to that). I’m using Brooklyn Tweed Quarry, and it’ll be finished . . . maybe later today. Elizabeth will be releasing the pattern later this month, so I’ll share finished photos soon.

Next in my pile? Well . . . while doing the quick test knit, it’s something I’ve had to put aside temporarily . . .

But as you can see, I’m close to being finished. Just one last sleeve and the bottom ribbing to go (I like to wait until the sleeves are finished before determining the final length). It won’t be long and I’ll have a new sweater. (And one I can’t wait to wear, by the way.)

And then, on the very bottom of the pile . . .

it’s an all-too-familiar project by now, and it’s suddenly back in the rotation. Yes, my “prodigal son” has come home once again. Now that the weather is cooler, it’s time for me to put it together, once and for all!

I don’t think it’ll take me too long to work my way through this pile o’knitting. The weather is cooling down, which motivates me to churn out the knitting and . . .  Git’R’Dun. (And start dreaming up a whole new pile!)

How about YOU?
What’s on your needles?