Hey, November!
You’ve arrived. (Gulp.)

It’s Crunch Time. So let’s . . .

Over the years, I’ve gotten WAY more relaxed about the whole holiday season “thing.” (I was well on my way to that stage of enlightenment BEFORE the pandemic pushed me over the finish line.)

When November rolls around, it always give me a not-so-gentle nudge.
There are things I need to/want to consider (and possibly do) before the holiday season and the end of the year arrive.

I call it my Crunch Time.

“The confetti’s on the ground,” November says to me.
“Party’s over.”

When I say Crunch Time, I don’t mean making a huge, personally-over-extending kind of list and cranking my way through it. (Those days are gone.) I say Crunch Time and think of it as . . . my time for making choices; for deciding how to proceed through this upcoming season. Examples of conversations with myself when I’m in Crunch Time mode????

Am I going to plant those bulbs I bought this year, or not?
How about starting some amaryllis bulbs inside? Order bulbs? Or let that go?
How about dropping everything and making last-minute holiday gifts? Or . . . not.
What will the Thanksgiving meal look like this year, and what can I do ahead? 
What to do about holiday cards and sending greetings to far away friends?
How do I want to wrap up the year and feel complete?

November has arrived, and the end of the year is looming.

It’s Crunch Time.
Now it’s time to take stock of what’s coming. You get to decide how things proceed.
(HINT: You don’t have to do everything.)


November is here.
Don’t wait, my friends!

Start Your Engines!