. . . are for eclipse-viewing.

I have my NASA-approved glasses. The forecast is for sun. Even though I am not in the Path of Totality, I am looking forward to seeing the moon and the sun do their thing today.

I’m close enough that I could drive a couple of hours and be IN the Path of Totality, but I’m just not excited about . . . traffic and hassle, y’know? Tom is already smack-dab in the middle of the Path of Totality, so I’ll just enjoy the whole thing through his experience. (I mentioned on Friday that he is in Indiana for a curling event. He is NOT in Indiana. He is in Ohio. Oops.)

If, like me, you’re going to be experiencing a less-than-total eclipse, I found this quick little “reel” on Instagram that explains some of the fun things you can enjoy about the eclipse even if you’re NOT in the Path of Totality.

As for me, I plan to time a good garden weeding session for peek-eclipse viewing. I’ll keep my eclipse glasses in my pocket, at the ready for occasional peeks . . . but I’ll also look forward to seeing the shadows around me.

Happy Eclipse Day!