Content alert: There has been Not Much Knitting going on around here this week. As in . . . almost none.

We could say it’s been frustration-with-my-knitting (not the Hitchhiker; something else) (a story for another week, once I have the ending figured out), but really . . . it’s been Other Things.

In an attempt to start having FUN with my art (instead of irritation with endless watercolor technique classes featuring subjects I was never interested in painting in the first place), I signed up for something called “Fodder School.” (Please note: This post is NOT an attempt to get any of you to join me in Fodder School; rather it’s just a brief explanation of what I’m doing behind the scenes – in my “studio,” so to speak.)

“Fodder” . . . is all of those pieces of “stuff” you have around your “studio” that you can use to make art – or other projects. If we collected “fodder” in knitting, for example, it would be leftover balls of yarn, swatches, the ends from weavings-in, ball bands, etc. In mixed media art, it’s . . . bits from paintings or drawings or prints, etc. Or junk mail. Or interesting magazine pages. Or old book pages. Or doodles. (I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the point.) Fodder . . . is pretty much anything.

So in Fodder School, which is a year-long thing with monthly lessons/projects, we “make” fodder, and then we “use” fodder. It’s basically (what I call) dinkin’-around-with-artsy-stuff. I love it. And it’s been a really great inspirational-shot-in-the-arm for me this year. (I’m even ALMOST ready to take the “” out of my “studio!”)

This month, we’re pulling out all the stops in Fodder School. We’re playing around with eco-dyeing and rusty things and clay and rubber stamps (that we carve ourselves). I’m . . . really into it. I have no idea where it’s heading, but the trip is really interesting.

I thought I’d show you some of my fodder! I’ve been eco-dyeing with avocado. (Which makes a lovely pink color; NOT green.)


I’m not sure what I’m doing with this . . . fodder . . . quite yet. But I can tell you that between all my weeding of late, plus the taking care of my seedlings, plus the eco-dyeing, plus the “rust creation” (not shown here, but happening all the same), my fingernails? A total nightmare! (And I love it!)


How about you? What’s inspiring your “making” these days?


PS. I’m also experimenting with some of my blog features, and I tried something new with the photos in this post. It may not work. I may change it if it doesn’t. Just sayin. [EDITED: So that little experiment did not work very well. So now you’re seeing something else. Experimenting is good for the soul. And keeps you on your toes.]