And, friends, it tastes promising!

So. Last week I wrote about my knitting fork-in-the-road situation: seam shoulders/pick up sleeve stitches? or make the second sweet little mitt? In the end, I opted to at least get those shoulders seamed and make a start on the first sleeve. (But my plan all along was to switch over to that little mitt as soon as I got the slightest bit bored.)

Well. Before I knew it, the first sleeve was done! With one sleeve down and just one sleeve to go . . . it would have been the ideal time to sneak in that second mitt, y’know? But I decided to try on the partially-knit sweater first. If you can actually call it a “try-on.” I mean, both the side seams and the sleeve seams are still open, so we’re basically talking . . . draping the sweater over the body to simulate an actual “try-on.”

You guys!!!
I could see well enough that it’s gonna be a great, great sweater! Exactly what I hoped it would be! The fit looks to be perfect. The drape is going to be yummy. And, yeah. There is a lot of dog hair stuck to it right now, but oh well. That’s just . . . de riguer . . . in our household. (Welcome to my world.)

Anyway. I had no problem letting that second mitt go (for now), and I hopped right back to the sweater . . . picking up the stitches for the second sleeve.

I am flying now! There is nothing like a good “try-on” (even a drape-ish, simulated “try-on”) to light a fire under a knitter!

I’m so close to being done I can taste it.


How about you? What are you knitting this week?