Working through my Getting Through Feburary list . . .

with a home-spa day!

Tom left yesterday for a little fishing adventure in North Carolina with a friend, leaving me and JoJo behind. What better time to brighten up my February . . . than with a little pampering!



First a foot soak. (Ahhhhhh.) Then, digging out the old Olive and June set (I haven’t used that since the earlier days of the pandemic.) (Could use a bit of re-learning and more practice. Just sayin.) And then, a Malibu treatment for my hair. (We have super, SUPER hard water, which puts brassy streaks in my white hair. The Malibu treatment strips away the iron and gets rid of the streaks.)

It was fun. Although . . . I’m not sold on that nail color. It’s spring-y, all right — but will take some getting used to. (I had it on my toes, too. But it looked WAY too . . . fungal . . . for a pedicure. It had to go.)

And later this week? A massage! (At an actual spa. . . )


We’re already at the half-way point of February! I think my list is helping. (Although the sun is peeking through now and again, too. Which is a huge help.)

How’s your February going?