New week. New month.
It’s the first Monday in February, and that means it’s time for me to . . .

Ah . . . February! One of my least favorite months. (Right alongside January.) (What a pair. . . ) In fact, this quote from children’s book author Shannon Wiersbitzky pretty much sums things up for me . . .

“When God was making the months I think February was a mistake, like a burp. There it was, small, dark, and prickly. It had absolutely no redeeming qualities.”
Shannon Wiersbitzky

Yep. That’s February, alright.
Still dark, still dreary, still cold. And spring feels a very long way off.

I’ve decided that when it comes to February, my best way forward (actually, my only way forward) . . . is through. So I put together . . . A Plan To Get Through February!

I came up with a list of things to do . . .  that will help distract me from the tediousness of February. I’ve planned some quick and easy activities designed to bring me comfort and joy throughout the entire month. My list is part fun, part treats, and 100% distraction!

What’s on tap? Oh, I’ll be heading out for a few little local field trips, making sure I always have blooming flowers in my house, treating myself with a massage, and doing a little home mani-pedi. I’m scheduling a few coffee dates, making brownies, and I’ll be replacing my cinnamon and spruce candles for some fresh and lively citrus scents. I’ve also got a fun knitting project in mind that will cheer me through these gloomy February days, and I’m creating a special get-through-it playlist of upbeat music to listen to.

Why don’t you join me! Create a list of comfort and joy and fun. . . to get YOURSELF through February!
What will you include on your list?


February is here.
Let’s get through it together!

Start Your Engines!


Here’s my Get Through February playlist (just over 2 hours of songs to help counter the tedium of February). I’ll be adding to it throughout the month. What songs might help you get through February?