Every time I put together an “at mid-month” post, my first thought is always . . . holy $h*t, how can it possibly be the middle of the month again!?! I really need to stop with that, y’know? Yep. Time passes more quickly the older I get. I just need to accept it and move on.

So. Now it’s the middle of October.

And, for me, October tends to be the month I finally let go of summer . . . and start buttoning up and settling in for the bleak months to come.


I start clearing out my garden, putting away all my “tchotchkes” and tidying what needs to be tidied . . . subbing out my summer containers for mums-and-pumpkins, and setting out a little Halloween fun.

I don’t have any big skeletons (although I do love to see what other people do with those skeletons!), and you won’t find any blow-up skeleton T-rexes in my yard (there is one down the street, though). But I do love my little collection of festive pumpkins and little ghosts.


I’m slowly getting my back garden and patio in order for fall/winter, too. There’s a lot to do back there — but it doesn’t feel as frenetic as it does in the spring. (Some years, it even snows before I get everything buttoned up.) Later this week, I’ll even start planting some spring bulbs.

I’ve been “fall-i-fying” the inside of my house, too. When my kids were young (and, of course, still living at home), I used to do a lot of inside-decorating for fall and Halloween. Now? Not so much. But I do like putting out more twinkle lights. And candles. And a few little pumpkins here and there. Fall . . . just calls out for a bit more “cozy,” y’know?



Although it feels like fall here temperature-wise these days, the leaves are just beginning to turn. It’s going to be a beautiful rest-of-October, I’m sure!

Here at mid-month  . . . and I’m buttoning up, settling in, and enjoying everything October offers!


How about YOU? What are you doing . . . at mid-month?