Here we are . . . middle of May.

I’m sure that this is true for most of you, too . . .  but May is always a hectic and jam-packed month for me. (Pssst. It’s the garden. . . ) In fact, I’ve recently heard May referred to as “May-cember.” Which . . . fits.

After a rough start to the month, the weather has settled in to what I think of as a more “normal” spring. (If there is such a thing as “normal” weather patterns any more.) This means . . . I’m back in the garden on the daily. It also means that I’m swamped with garden chores. Because when it comes to my garden in May, it’s a total everything-everywhere-all-at-once situation.

What’s going on right now?

I’m painting. But not what you think! I’m actually spray painting a spiffy, new coat on all my little garden sculptures. It’s tedious. But they’re going to look just great when I’m finished.

I’m knitting. Yep. I jumped right on that knitted-skirts-are-the-new-sweatpants bandwagon! (Because . . . they really are.) It won’t be long and I’ll be super comfy and cool-as-a-cucumber in my new knitted summer skirt!

I’m heading up north sometimes. Which is something I really have no time for right now . . . and probably the very best reason for me to go.

I’m prepping. Because next week, the sender of these Mother’s Day flowers will be “Google-working-from-anywhere” here at my house for a month.

Right here . . . at the mid-point of May . . . it’s a hectic time.
But y’know what?
I’m here for it!


How about you? What are you up to . . . at mid-month?