The Slow and Simple
Julia Fehrenbacher

With the so-much going on in the world,
it is the slow and simple
that are saving me. Soft scent of sunlight
tucked inside fresh mint, sprinkle of cinnamon
on warm buttered toast,
robin splashing herself clean and happy
in backyard birdbath.

On this Sunday morning, I choose
to set down the chaos,
the cravings — to pluck poetry and plenty
from pain, to settle into

the soft hum of now

where wanting and worry
used to be.

This poem can be found in Julia Fehrenbacher’s book Staying in Love, published in 2021 by CCB Publishing. You can learn more about the poet, and read more of her work on her website, here.

May you find the soft hum of now . . . today.


If you’re wondering what this “advent calendar” is all about, you can read my “intro” post here.