by Alfred K. LaMotte

A gentler world begins
in the way you touch your heart.
Be soft with the light inside you.
Caress your body with this breath.
God is nothing else
but the place where the sun comes up
in your chest.
You are the glimmering destination.
You are the gold honey daubed
on the bread of the ordinary.
Whatever is perfect,
whatever is heavenly,
begins here.

This poem is included in the The Wonder of Small: Poems of Peace and Renewal, edited by James Crews, and published in 2023 by Storey Publishing. (It is a lovely anthology of poems.) According to the information included about each poet in the collection, Alfred K. LaMotte has authored five books of poetry. A graduate of Yale University and Princeton Theological Seminary, LaMotte is a meditation teacher, interfaith college chaplain, and instructor in world religions. He lives in a small town on Puget Sound with his wife.


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