I’ll just begin by saying . . . I’m not a big fan of most stand-up comedians. I find them . . . not all that funny, usually. To me, they tend to be overly crude and too loud, with gratuitous emphasis on sex and bodily functions.

So it’s really kind of ironic that today, I’m going to implore you to . . . watch a stand-up comedian on Netflix!

Recently, when Tom and I didn’t know what to watch on TV, we saw a little trailer on Netflix for Mike Birbiglia, a stand-up comedian neither of us had ever heard of. We decided to watch. I picked up my knitting (because . . . I can knit through anything). And Tom hit “play.”

Mike Birbiglia . . . is not your typical comedian. Oh, he’s very, very funny, for sure. But, really, he’s a brilliant storyteller . . . who also happens to be a comedian. There’s a huge difference in the quality of the performance when the storytelling comes first, and the comedy second. Yes. He swears now and then. Yes. There are bits about sex and bodily functions here and there. But . . . he’s soft spoken. His cadence is that of a storyteller. He doesn’t harm others with his jokes. He talks about life . . . in ways that make you think . . . while you’re laughing.

He’s a . . . poignant comic.
And he’s brilliant.

In fact, I put down my knitting and just . . . watched him. (Which is saying a lot.)

Here’s a little trailer (just over a minute) to give you the flavor of the show. . .


So. The next time you can’t figure out what to watch on TV, give Mike Birbiglia’s The Old Man and the Pool a try. It will brighten up the darkest night.

5 stars!
Highly recommend!

“Humor is the affectionate communication of insight.”
–Leo Rosten

If you’re wondering what this “advent calendar” is all about, you can read my “intro” post here.