I think I’d describe 2022 as a . . .  comme ci, comme ça . . . kind of year. A little of this, a little of that. Not great. But also not terrible. Maybe a bit . . . meh. So-so. A real mixed bag. Y’know? (I think my expectations were . . . pretty low . . . to begin with. After the shocking, world-shifting events of 2020, and then the relentless parade of disappointments in 2021, I held most things in check for 2022.)

As I looked back at my journals for the year, I noticed a definite, overarching theme this year. There was a persistent . . . tension . . . between the positive things I was doing and feeling in my life (y’know . . . right here in my little corner of the world) and the incredibly awful crap going on in the world beyond. Every time I felt like I was making a bit of personal progress and feeling a little better about things, another blow from that relentless march of stuff-happening-in-the-world would knock me down again. I was so outraged by so much . . . yet generally so content with my own life. (I will go into the new year still trying to reconcile that tension.)

I’ve had a very . . . contemplative . . . year. Lots of being in my head, working through a lot of things. As I mentioned in my one little word wrap-up post yesterday, it’s been a “figure out” year more than a “do something” year. Although I didn’t blog about it (and don’t worry . . . I won’t), all that introspection was important and meaningful for me. I did a lot of . . . unraveling and healing, some stripping away and some building up. I feel like I’m finally catching up with myself in some important ways, and I’m pleased that I carved out the time and space to do this kind of work. It’s not easy to do, but – for me – has been worth the time and effort. 

Some concrete and tangible Good Things about this year?

  • Well, you’re looking at a big one: Dancing At the Edge! Changing things up in a big way here on my blog . . .  was something I’d been wanting/meaning to do for years. (Seriously, I have had this on my list of intentions for so long it was ridiculous.) It feels really good to be able to stop mulling it over and just to have . . . done it.
  • Getting some big home projects wrapped up. We started the year with fresh paint inside, and we ended the year with a totally refreshed outside. Yes, that exterior re-do project I’ve been talking about for years finally came to fruition. (And we added another layer to that project besides – with a new roof and gutters.)
  • People! Being able to spend time with people I love again. Friends. Family. In real life. In real time. (I really missed that.)
  • Going out! Although we don’t go out a lot (and certainly not as much or as often as we did before the pandemic), we ARE stepping out again. And it feels really good.
  • Okay. And I’m just going to say it . . . those midterm election results. They provided an unexpected boost to my weary soul.
  • So many little things brought me great joy and comfort this year. Finally getting to know some of our new neighbors (who moved in during the pandemic). The Read With Us zoom discussions. A new job for Lauren. Brian and Lauren’s new house. A new fishing kayak for Tom on our lake up north. Good time in my garden. Regular “Whine & Wine” calls with my sister. Keeping up with our “Jar of Happy Things.” Painting classes. Hummingbirds. Getting to the Lake Michigan shore for a spectacular sunset. A perfect fall weekend up north.

There were, as always, some Low Spots, too. (Besides that relentless parade of outrages in the world beyond, I mean.)

  • We said farewell to our Jenny pup.
  • Our primary care doctor decided to stop practicing medicine altogether (and we really liked him).
  • We were basically “under siege” for several weeks while our roof project stalled out.
  • We got Covid.
  • The deer ate my garden.
  • And then the roofers destroyed what was left of my garden.
  • The usual list of things I’d wanted to do, but didn’t get around to doing. (Why didn’t I do them? Mood. Timing. Biting off more than I could chew.)

So, yeah. The year felt a bit sloggy now and then.
Ups and downs.
Good things and bad things.
Highlights and lowlights. 

But here at the end of the year, I feel like I’m coming out of a fog, and I’m looking forward to what comes next.


Join me tomorrow for my . . . Lightning Round! (Always a good time.)