Because sometimes Mondays are for trips down . . .

My most recent trip down Memory Lane started on Saturday — when Tom came home from the hardware store with this . . .

They still make it — and sell it by the piece!
Who knew?

When you open it up . . .

It still looks pretty much the same. Same lame comic featuring Bazooka Joe and his gang. Same lame fortune. But the bubble gum is . . . not quite the same. I mean, it’s still pink. But a different pink. And it’s still rock hard. But it doesn’t have that lengthwise “divide” anymore. It still tastes . . . like bubblegum. It still gives your jaws quite a workout. And it still loses its flavor just as fast (maybe even faster) as you remember it did!

Although I’m not a gum-chewer any more, when I was a kid I loved gum. And especially bubble gum! And, yeah. I was one of thse kids who always got in trouble at school for chewing gum. Why? Because I couldn’t put a piece of gum in my mouth without blowing/popping bubbles! So I always drew teacherly attention to myself.

Some things never change.


(It is very tricky to take a selfie of yourself blowing bubbles.)

How about you? Were you a gum-chewing, bubble-blowing kid? Or not so much? And if you liked gum, what was your favorite kind?