This post originally appeared on the blog Stepping Away From the Edge August 8, 2022.

Something to celebrate!

A project three years in the making . . .
And three weeks in the doing . . .

Is finally complete!

front view of 2-story house with 3 dormer windows

front of house with view of garage

back view of house including patio

Why did it take so long? Well, I’ve already explained that the project met up with the pandemic in not-so-great ways — staffing and scheduling delays, hard-to-get materials, and the doors being lost at sea on various container ships.

Then, once all the pieces were in place and the project started, well . . . our house is tricky. First, we needed to have a lot of the cedar siding replaced or repaired. Once the painters could actually get to work, they had to contend with fussy house details . . .

close up of dentil trim on home exterior

Like dentil molding all along the front of the house.

And generally tricky decorative details.

close up of bay window, 2 wicker chairs, and a Boston fern

And then . . . there’s the “north face” of the house. A daunting space that the painters saved for last.

skewed perspective view of side of 3-story house

It’s hard to get a photo of this part of the house that can adequately show the perspective. But this side of the house has a walkout basement, and the peak rises about 45 feet up from the ground. And . . . it’s situated on a significant slope. I really couldn’t watch when they were going up and down those ladders, but Tom assures me it was impressive.

My favorite things?

The new front door . . .

front entry way of house with potted plants

The new light fixtures . . .

view of patio door, light fixture, and patio table

And having my patio back!

sunny patio view of furntiure with orange cushions and Boston ferns

It feels good to have this project completed!
(Next up? Apparently we need a new roof . . . )