Earlier this summer, I started work on a sampler to practice some of the embroidery stitches I’ve learned along the way, but haven’t used in a million years. (You can read all about it here. Clicking this link will whisk you back to my old blog space.)

Well. Summer is nearly finished. And the sampler is finished, too. (Gosh, it was dark yesterday. Apologies for the picture quality.)

It was fun to get back in there and practice some of my embroidery stitches, and the sampler itself was a lot of fun to work on. Kind of charming, y’know? But the practice spaces are quite tiny, and some of the stitches are more intricate. For me, it wasn’t bad because although it’s been awhile, I have done quite a bit of embroidery before. But if you were, say . . . doing this sampler as an introduction to/way to learn some tricky stitches? There’s just not a lot of “real estate” to work in/try them out. (Just sayin. As an introductory learning tool, I think it might be frustrating.)

Some of my favorite parts? The little basket . . . practicing couching stitch. (I added a few little flowers on my own. For charm and whimsy.) And the basketweave stitch. (That was the only stitch I’ve actually never done before.)


I saved the bullion knots for the very end. I’ve done them before, and dreaded doing them again. (Bad memories of big tangles and much frustration.) But they worked out pretty well, and I think I finally got it!

All in all, it was a fun little “warm-up” embroidery project for me, and now I’m ready to tackle another stitching project soon.

How about you? What are you working on, now that the summer is winding down?

(And any suggestions for what I should do with this sampler, now that it’s finished? It’s about . . . 9×13 inches. And I’m not interested in framing it.)