Y’know, nothing says “July” to me like . . . a good backyard barbecue. Especially a pot-luck barbecue with friends!

And then I was thinking . . . wouldn’t it be great fun to gather together for our own barbecue . . . just us?

Since it’s not practical for all of us to get together in my backyard (although wouldn’t that be great???), I’ve decided it might be fun to have a VIRTUAL, summer vibes kind of barbecue pot-luck right here on the blog instead.

So here’s the plan: You’re invited to a summer party with all of your bloggy friends . . . and it’s a pot-luck (BYOB).

What are YOU going to bring???

“RSVP” with your favorite summer pot-luck dish in the comments (and let us know what you’d bring as your BYOB, too) — and send along your recipe if you’d like to share (probably easiest by email). Later this month, I’ll post the “menu” we come up with — and I’ll share the recipes, too.

Let’s create some summer vibes . . . with a virtual backyard potluck barbecue!!!


And – just to get us started . . . What will I bring to the pot-luck? Oh, I’ll be bringing the Deli Pickle Potato Salad from the Smitten Kitchen Keepers cookbook. It’s become my summer go-to recipe for cookouts this year!

Can’t wait to see what you’ll be bringing!