New week. New month.

It’s the first Monday in October. That means it’s time for me to . . .

As we begin to edge closer to “real fall” (because September is really just an extension of summer . . . with cooler nights, y’know?), our lives tend to get a little more full . . .  of preparations for what’s ahead. For the holidays. For hunkering down. For those long, cold months to come.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how important it is to take care of ourselves as our plans and obligations and to-do lists begin to build. This month, I planned to encourage you to start your engines with a bit of intentional self care.

But then . . . I saw a delightful and whimsical comic drawn by artist Gemma Correll, and my plans for this post changed.

Because why mess with perfection?

So this month . . . follow Gemma’s “Monstrously Good” self care tips. Because Gemma (you can find her here on Instagram) has some great advice . . . for starting your engines (and for taking care of yourself) this month.

It’s October!
Enjoy this spooky season. Don’t take yourselves too seriously . . . and practice plenty of “Self-Scare!”

Start Your Engines!