. . . are all about adjusting.

I’m talking about the time change, of course.

I’m not one to complain overmuch about the time changes. It’s a change. I tend to roll with it. And somehow, my internal clock (eventually) makes the adjustment. I tend to “like” the fall-back time change more than the spring-ahead version, but I do tend to adjust quicker to that spring one (I’m sure it’s the extended light of the season).

So yesterday, I enjoyed my “extra hour” right there in that chair. Reading. It was great. And then, for the rest of the day, I kept saying . . . it’s only 11:00? it’s only 1:00? it’s only 3:00? Because it felt so much later! (And that only lasted until 9:00 . . . when I was already ready for bed.)

Adjusting here.

How about you? And . . . how did you spend your “extra hour” yesterday?