. . . look like re-entry.

What a difference a week makes. Last Monday, I was . . . not good. This Monday? It’s a whole new ballgame! I’ve got a new week, a new season, and a new energy level to move me forward. (There is nothing like being sick to give you a new appreciation for being well, y’know?)

So. A lot of my friends are asking me . . . What happened??? How did you and Tom get Covid?

Well. It was simple. After maintaining a fairly cautious existence for two-and-a-half years . . . after performing major “risk analysis” calculations anytime we stepped out of our bubble to try something new . . . after monitoring “the numbers” and keeping up with our boosters and tracking the (often conflicting) “recommendations” . . . we threw all caution to the wind and went to see one of our favorite comedians (John Mulaney) at one of our favorite local venues (the State Theater). So, y’know. Basically we drank some beers and laughed uproariously . . . along with 1,200 strangers in a sold-out auditorium. At one point, Tom and I looked at each other and just said . . . what were we thinking??? But we had a great time. It’s hard to drink beer with a mask on, so we partied like it was . . . 2019.

Four days later, Tom tested positive for Covid.
And three days after that, I tested positive for Covid.

Because of course we did.
And I’m sure many people (many of you, I imagine) feel no sympathy for us. After all, what did we think would happen? And I get that! We took a risk (ill-advised as it was), and we had some fun. And then we paid the price by getting sick. If I could relive that moment in time, I might opt to wear the mask and not drink the beer. But I’m also . . . not certain that I would have. It was . . . so freeing . . . to step back to the before-times, when we regularly went to concerts and performances and frequented live music venues. We were actually . . . more than a little giddy about the whole experience.

Having Covid was Not Fun at all. It’s an unpleasant and miserable virus, pure and simple. Both Tom and I took Paxlovid once we tested positive, which helped significantly, but we were still down – and out of commission – for nearly a week.

In the end, I’m glad we’ve been so cautious for so long, and were able to avoid Covid until there were boosters and treatment protocols and anti-virals available to make it less frightening. But this whole experience made me realize how much we’ve (all of us) given up for our health and safety. I don’t regret being extra cautious for all this time (after all, I do fall into the at-risk category because of immunosuppressant drugs I take for my rheumatoid arthritis), and I thank my family and friends who’ve helped me stay safely in my little bubble.

But you know what?
John Mulaney was hilarious.
And that beer tasted really good.

You gotta live sometimes.