It’s mid-January, and I offer this R-E-P-O-R-T.
At mid-month, I’m . . .

R . . . eading
I’ve got 3 books going at the moment: A Fever in the Heartland by Timothy Egan which is eye-opening, but a bit . . . drawn out (I was already somewhat familiar with the bare bones of this story from my time in grad school at IU, and it’s still eye-opening). Cacophony of Bone by Kerri ní Dochartaigh, which I’m actually having a hard time getting into, but will continue to try for awhile (and I will admit . . . it was the title that drew me in). And an ARC copy of Wandering Stars by Tommy Orange (I’m not far enough along to offer an opinion at this point).

E . . . ating
Bagels. Just grocery store bagels. I’m in the mood, and that’s what I’ve got available. (And I’m from the Midwest, where we don’t get too uppity about bagels.)

P . . . laying
Word Puzzles from the New York Times. Every day. Tom and I team up for the Spelling Bee and Connections (We have a “relay” approach on the Bee, where I get us to “Amazing” and then he brings us home to “Genius;” we have a “team” approach on Connections, where we just think it through together.) Then I do the Wordle and all the Crosswords on my own. It’s a great way to start the day.

O . . . rganizing
Closets. All my closets. I just keep paring down and paring down what’s in them . . . Maybe some year I won’t have anything left to organize! (But I’m not there yet.)

R . . . ecommending
This short, feel-good story from the Washington Post (I’ve “gifted” the article here, so you can click into the link and read it whether you’re a subscriber or not) about the power of kindness and the beauty of fiber arts on an airplane! Give it a read. It’ll make you smile. And I’m thinking we can all use some happy news in our days.

T . . . reating
My birds to an unlimited supply of seed, suet, peanuts, and water . . . every day in the winter, but I’m being especially vigilant during this nasty turn of weather we’re currently in the midst of.


What about you?
How are you holding up here . . . at mid-month?