It’s mid-January, and I offer this R-E-P-O-R-T.
At mid-month, I’m . . .

R . . . ejuvenating

I spent a good portion of last Friday and Saturday rejuventaing our wood floors. Our wood floor encompasses most of our first floor (the entryway, two hallways, the entire kitchen, and a small bathroom), so this is . . . a Big Task. It’s . . . Involved. And, frankly, it’s a big pain in the ass. But these old floors look so nice when they’re all cleaned and polished.

E . . . njoying

We are finally watching All Creatures Great and Small on PBS. I know many of you love this show already, but we hadn’t watched it before. I have this . . . Thing . . . with stories about animals, especially if animals suffer in any way. So I tend to avoid shows and books with animals. Many of you (and my sister, too) have encouraged me to give the show a watch, and have assured me that even though it’s not always sunshine-and-rainbows, the show is well-done and they always . . . put the animals first. And you all were right! It’s been a pleasant winter diversion to watch all my new friends in Darrowby, and I’ll miss it now that we’ve wrapped up the most current season.

P . . . ermitting

Myself to just play with my art supplies and do my own “thing.” It’s been so freeing to put aside everything I’ve been taught about “technique” and just . . . get on with it.

O . . . bserving

We’re in the midst of the most mild winter in my lifetime. (Well. Except for the years we lived in Austin. . . ) With a two-week exception, it’s been warmer-than-normal (which, granted is still cold, but not cold enough to freeze the weed seeds . . . or ticks), and there has been very little snow (and when it does snow, the snow is quickly gone). I get out in my garden – just to observe at this point – nearly every day. I’m ready to start in on some of my early-spring tasks (some pruning, a little cutting back here and there) – which is way earlier than usual, but I’m also mentally preparing myself for the potential of a late-arriving winter. Because it could happen . . .

R . . . ebooting

In November, I gradually start bringing out my “winter décor”: twinkle lights, cozy candles, a lot of little this-and-that. I add in the Christmas-related stuff in December. And then in January, I gradually start paring it all back. Right now, I’m ready for a full re-boot! I’m getting ready for natural light, open spaces, and spring.

T . . . rying

For decades, we’ve enjoyed having a nearby neighborhood restaurant that served good food in a not-fancy setting. It was a dependable, familiar place for us to go on the spur-of-the-moment – and usually at least once a week. They closed their doors at the end of 2023, and we’ve been a bit beside ourselves (and especially because another long-time favorite restaurant closed 18 months before). So we’ve decided to try other restaurants in the area in a more systematic way. (Turns out we’d gotten pretty set in our ways, restaurant-wise. . . ) It’s an adventure we’re embracing.


How about you?
What’s going on . . . at mid-month?