It’s (still) the middle of June . . . and I offer this R-E-P-O-R-T.
At mid-month I’m . . .

R . . . ebooting.

Okay. So Erin has just returned home to California after visiting for nearly a month. It’s been great having her here. She’s an easy guest — and so much more helpful now than when she actually lived here among us. (Amazing how adult children become, well . . . adults.) But. It’s been a whirlwind around here! Lots of activity. Lots of fun. Lots of meals. Lots of . . . letting things fall through the cracks. Now, it’s time for me to pick up the pieces of my regular life and fit them back together. It’s time for a major reboot.


E . . . ntertaining.

However. In the What-Was-I-Thinking department, Tom and I are hosting a summer solstice party . . . tomorrow. Am I ready? No. Have I planned? A little. Will it be fun? Yes. But it’s also . . . a bit much, y’know?

P . . . ledging.

I hereby pledge to get myself back on track as soon as I can. I hereby ALSO pledge to relax about it, and just let things roll.


O . . . verflowing.

With happy memories of time spent with Erin these past weeks. It’s been great to see her at work in real time. To celebrate her birthday. To watch her and Tom run a 5K together. To spend time with both of my kids at the same time in the same location. To just sit in my garden and enjoy it (despite the deer, which are a huge headache this year . . . but that’s a tale for another day ). It’s all been great. Overflowingly great.

R . . . ecommending.

If you’re looking for a light and breezy movie to watch at home this summer, you might try Hit Man on Netflix. We watched it the other night, and all of us thought it was a fun, feel-good, rom com kind of movie. (Although also maybe a bit . . . morally corrupt? You’ll have to decide for yourself . . . ).


T . . . rying.

Trying not to feel overwhelmed (by all the stuff I haven’t been doing; by missing Erin; by the party I’m just throwing together on the fly), and trying not to feel like I’m . . . lacking in some way . . . by the whiplash that hits after a long break from Regular Life. Which is hard. But I’m trying.


That’s it for me. How about you?
What’s going on for you . . . at mid-month?


Special Note: As part of my re-booting . . . well. It includes actually looking at my calendar again. Instead of living minute-by-minute. And in looking at my calendar, I see that today is the third Thursday of the month. Which means it is the day to gather up some poetry with Bonny and Kat. Oh, well. Missed that. I will gather mine tomorrow . . . on the third Friday. Or maybe not. We’ll see. (And that’s okay.)