This post originally appeared on the blog Stepping Away From the Edge July 18, 2022. 

Sometimes on Mondays I share a view out my window.
Well. Today, I’ve got this view . . .

large construction trailer in residential driveway

Technically, that’s the view from my open garage door, not a window. But. There you have it. A big old clunky construction trailer in my driveway.

And that means . . .

Our exterior house update project (in the making for 3 years now; pre-pandemic even) is finally underway! This really has been a lengthy, frustrating, and laughable experience — and like Tom said yesterday, I won’t really breathe easy until the painters show up. We have had the new doors installed (they were lost at sea in various container ships last summer). And on Friday the carpenters showed up to replace various sections of our cedar siding ahead of the painters (and to prepare the way for new light fixtures . . . the ones that have been sitting in my garage for about 18 months). So I’m feeling . . . hopeful . . . that the project is really going to happen. Finally.

Sometimes the view out my window doesn’t have to be lovely . . . to be welcome!


Here’s to a good week with the best views to all of you.