Another “unraveled” post that is . . . Not About Knitting. Although knitting does continue around here. (I’m nearing the end of my Hitchhiker.) (And, sadly, I was able to break in my new mitts earlier this week. They’re fine; toasty and warm. The “sadly” part is that . . . well, I needed them.)

But today, I am busy with Other Things.


All month long, as part of Fodder School, I’ve been busy with eco dyeing. And making-objects-rust. And creating designed papers. And making clay amulets (which is a new obsession for me all on its own). And carving rubber stamps. And collecting . . . stuff. “Nature stuff” from the garden. “Ephemera stuff” from . . . wherever. It has been so much fun. Just playing. “Dinking around” . . . as I like to think of it.

And now? It’s time to gather it all together. And curate. And create some collages.

It is . . . a Glorious Mess.
And I am totally Into It!

This project is not just a lot of fun, though. It’s also inspiring me – and my creative processes – in whole new ways. I’m sort of obsessed with the possibilities . . . of combining this wild collection of objects into Something Else. (And while Fodder School, in general, and this project, in particular, have nothing to do with One Little Word, for me it has a lot to do with my word. Stay tuned.)

Anyway. I don’t have a finished collage to show you, but I’m getting really close.


And I’m already thinking about putting together my NEXT collage series. (My workspace is already a total mess. Might as well keep going, y’know?)